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What is Psychotherapy:


Therapy helps to provide ways of identifying and expressing feelings, understanding patterns of thinking, gaining perspective on past events, your current relationship and life situation, and setting goals for future transformation. Therapy can alleviate pain, suffering, anxiety and depression and can add meaning and richness to your life and relationships. The goal of therapy is to build a connected and trusting relationship in a safe environment to visit old and new stages of life.


I use several methods of therapy in my practice:


  • PCIT (short term): PCIT: Parent-Child Interaction Therapy is a relationship enhancement therapy which parents and children (2-8yrs) participate to help manage behavioral issues.

  • TFCBT ( short term): Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral therapy is a trauma focused therapy addressing particular trauma and improving coping skills to reduce the intensity of negative feelings and responses and changing negatively formed automatic thoughts. 

  • Psychodynamic: Focuses on unconscious patterns of behavior and the relationship with therapist to process and resolve issues

  • Cognitive Behavioral: Focuses in challenging the patient’s thoughts and belief to transform and change emotions and behavior.

  • Eclectic: Using combination of techniques to suit an individual’s development and personal issues

  • Group Therapy:

    • Children and Adolescents Social Skills Group

    • Parenting Group

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