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  PCIT (Parent Child Interaction Therapy)

PCIT focuses dually on relationship building and behavioral management. Often parents have expressed frustration and guilt seeking help in managing their child’s disruptive and non compliant behavior. They usually come to therapists feeling incompetent in their parenting roles, and recognize that anger, hopelessness and depression often interfere with providing a structured and nurturing home environment for their young children. In PCIT, the parent and child are directed to engage in play while the therapist coaches the parent to interact with the child allowing the therapist to assist with challenges as they occur during the session.

Who is PCIT for?

Parents with children who are experiencing a broad range of behavioral, emotional and developmental problems. It is the basic framework for treating children ages 2-8.

What does PCIT help with?

  • Improving Parent–Child Relationship

  • Improving children’s minding and listening skills

  • Increasing children’s ability to manage frustration and anger

  • Improving children’s social skills

  • Improving children’s attention skills

  • Building children’s self-esteem

  • Improving parenting skills

  • Reducing parent’s/caregiver’s stress

Research has shown PCIT to be effective methods to work with children on the Autistic Spectrum and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:


  • Reducing Behavioral Problems

  • Improving Language Skills

  • Improving Playing Skills

  • Improving Social Interaction


  • Improving Compliance

  • Reducing Inattentiveness

  • Reducing Aggression

  • Improving Playing Skills


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